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Warranty Policy

Warranty Introduction

All PixelFlash Inc. ("PixelFlash") products are warranted and tested to be free from defects in material and workmanship and to conform to the published specifications. During the warranty period, should your PixelFlash product(s) fail under normal use in the recommended environment due to improper workmanship or materials, PixelFlash will provide warranty service pursuant to the following terms and conditions.

Warranty Period and Service

  • Your PixelFlash product is covered by this Warranty under the specified warranty period starting from the original purchase date. Proof of the original purchase date is required for warranty service.
  • Your PixelFlash product must be purchased from an Authorized PixelFlash Dealer/Reseller in order to be covered by our warranty policy.
  • PixelFlash will inspect the product and in its sole discretion repair or replace it with a refurbished product or functional equivalent. Under special circumstances, PixelFlash may refund or credit the current value of the product at the time the warranty claim is made. The decision made by PixelFlash shall be final and binding upon you.
  • PixelFlash may refuse to provide inspection, repair or replacement service for products that are out of warranty, and will charge fees if these services are provided for out-of-warranty products.
  • Return Shipping costs to US based customers eligible for exchange, within the 30 days of the original proof of purchase, from official and approved sales channels, will be covered by PixelFlash.
  • Warranty claims outside of 30 days of original proof of purchase from official and approved sales channels: All shipping and handling costs for warranty and exchange redemptions will be covered by the warranty recipient.  Payment will be required via Paypal, debit card, bank check, money order (no cash). *Person Checks may be used, but will require approximately 7-14 business days upon receipt or RMA, in order for a personal check to fully clear any bank processing requirement.
    * Returned checks: warranty recipient agrees to cover any returned check bank charges by way of Paypal or debit card, before any agreed upon exchange can continue.


  • Any software or digital content included with the product, in disc, downloadable or preloaded form, is not covered under this Warranty. This Warranty does not apply to any PixelFlash product failure caused by any accident, abuse, mishandling or improper usage (including use contrary to the product description or instructions, outside the scope of the product's intended use, for tooling or testing purposes, or product modification), alteration of components/accessories, abnormal mechanical or environmental conditions (including prolonged exposure to humidity or extreme temperature), acts of nature, improper installation (including connection to incompatible equipment), or problems with electrical power (including undervoltage, overvoltage, or power supply instability).
  • In addition, damage or alteration of warranty, quality or authenticity stickers, and/or product serial or electronic numbers, unauthorized repair or modification, or any physical damage to the product or evidence of opening or tampering with the product casing will also void this Warranty.
  • This Warranty shall not apply to the transferees of PixelFlash products and/or anyone who stands to profit from this Warranty without PixelFlash's prior written authorization.
  • This Warranty only applies to the purchased product itself, and excludes any promo accessories or gifts that may have been additionally offered to customers.


  • Pixelflash shall not be liable for any damage to or loss of any program or data from the failed product and shall not be responsible for data recovery or backup.
  • Pixelflash shall in no event be liable for any defect, damage or data lost arising from the delivery for repair/replacement. Pixelflash recommends that you have a backup of your data prior to claiming warranty service.
  • To the extent permitted by applicable law, Pixelflash disclaims any infringement, consequential, indirect, or incidental damages, including but not limited to lost profits, lost business investments, lost goodwill, or damages as a result of lost data. Pixelflash shall also not be responsible for failure of any third party equipment, even if Pixelflash has been advised of the possibility.
  • Pixelflash shall not be liable for any personal injury or death or any loss or damages to property arising from the product used in a situation in which personal injury or death is likely to occur, including but not limited to medical or medical-related equipment, military or military-related equipment, traffic control equipment, aircraft, nuclear energy system, combustion control system, and disaster prevention systems.

Other Statement

  • This warranty is complete and supersedes all other warranties and representations, whether oral or written, between you and Pixelflash. Pixelflash makes no other warranties, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, whether expressly or impliedly.
  • All warranties, whether express or implied, are limited to the periods of time set forth below.
  • Some states and jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of implied warranties or limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitations may not apply to you.
  • PixelFlash may acknowledge or read and save the data and information (collectively, "Information") stored in the product during the process of warranty service. PixelFlash hereby agrees that PixelFlash will not disclose any Information to any third parties except PixelFlash's employees who may need to access the Information for the purpose of providing any service to you, or without your prior written consent.

Online Registration

To expedite warranty service, please access to register your PixelFlash product within 30 days of the purchase date.

Additional Remarks

  • If your PixelFlash product fails during the Warranty Period, please contact us here for our warranty service.
  • The failure of your PixelFlash product is covered by this Warranty under the specified Warranty Period starting from the original purchase date. Proof of the original purchase date is required for warranty service, such as the PixelFlash warranty card, invoice and credit card bill. Without proof of the original purchase date, the specified warranty period will be considered pursuant to the product serial number.
  • The warranty card accompanied or virtual sign-up request associated with the purchased product should be filled out in detail by the purchaser. The warranty, quality or authenticity stickers of the product should be complete and not damaged and/or altered. Warranty card without full information and, or any damage of or alteration to the warranty, quality or authenticity stickers of the product will void this Warranty.
  • The Warranty Period on any repaired or replaced product will be that portion of the warranty period remaining on your original product.

Duration of Warranty

Your PixelFlash Consumer Products are covered by this Warranty for the following durations subject to the above terms and conditions.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

The following PixelFlash Products are covered by this Warranty for the life of the product:

  • CompactFlash memory cards
  • CFast memory cards.
  • SD/MMC/CF memory cards*; and
  • Non-promotional standard USB flash drives.
  • *The Lifetime Warranty will not apply to any PixelFlash memory cards used in write-intensive applications, including but not limited to the following (as determined by PixelFlash): (i) recursive / in-car recording devices, (ii) video monitoring and surveillance devices, (iii) continuous data logging devices like servers, or (iv) other excessive uses that exceed normal use.

Some countries or states have legislative limitations on how long a warranty could last, so this Limited Lifetime Warranty may not apply to you. This Limited Lifetime Warranty does not affect your statutory consumer rights to bear the lengthiest warranty period permitted under applicable laws.

Three-Year Warranty

The following PixelFlash products are covered by this Warranty for a period of three years from the original purchase date:

  • CF Card Readers
  • SD Card Readers (body of SD reader)

One-Year (or shorter) Warranty:

The following PixelFlash Products are covered by this Warranty for a period of six months from the original purchase date:

  • Adapters for SD and CF readers
  • Cables for the SD Reader
  • Cases and protective kits for memory cards and memory readers (jewel cases are not covered by warranty).
Any repaired or replaced product will still be subject to the above duration of warranty beginning from the original purchase date. Where appropriate, cables and adapters will be replaced at an approved rate (usually 15-20% discounted from retail price) plus the cost of shipping and handling, and covered by authorized warranty recipient. [*please see Warranty Period and Service section for acceptable methods of payment].




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