Based out of the Central Coast in California, the PixelFlash brand reflects our love of modern design and the flow of nature. Our products are built to be tough and consistent. We are working tirelessly to provide expertly-made-specialty-goods, the kind we need to get our work done during daily operation. 
We expect the best from other brands that we admire and rely on, and so too can you, expect the best from us.
Our expertise is manufacturing niche tools for serious photographers and cinematographers from the ground up and aspiring to win the "Best-DoDad-Ever” Mug. That requires refinement for our devices until they are worthy of industrial use.  Once we get there, we look to the future, we dig, and uncover the technologies our friends and colleagues might use next, and so the design process begins anew. There’s a hunger here to create something genuinely useful, much better than standard consumer gear and more fun to own and use. What our customers end up with are products that work well, composed of the highest quality materials, dialed to mil spec tolerance. Our gear is uncomplicated to use, satisfying to work with, and tough to break. 

All of our customers receive premium warranties backed by an exceptional American customer service team that says "Yes, We Can Help." And, if ever needed, that’s exactly what we do.

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