The Following FIRMWARE Update will ONLY work with the Legacy "No Bend Pins" CF Readers (Legacy Readers contain the Green PCB Board).

If you have a BLACK PCB inside of your PXF CF Reader, this Update Will Not Work with Your New Product. 

As of November 2016, the newest CF Readers [BLACK PCB models] Do Not Need a FW Update for any reason.

Please contact us for support if you have any questions: at

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usb 3.0 memory card driver

Maximum data. Minimum effort.

Got a USB 3.0 enabled Windows 7 or older computer? Then why wouldn’t you download our 3.0 driver package? Just click the icon to the left, install it, and work as fast as your machine will allow.

Installation Instructions

First install the latest USB-3 drivers for your computer. These can be obtained from your computer or motherboard manufacturer's web site (ie. Dell, HP, etc.). After updating your computer with its latest USB-3 drivers, proceed:

  1. Insert memory card into PixelFlash USB-3 Memory Card Reader
  2. Insert PixelFlash Memory Card Reader into USB-3 port
  3. Right-Click here and 'Save As'
  4. Save into your Downloads folder
  5. Double-Click on
  6. Extract all archive contents
  7. Double-Click "setup.exe"
  8. Follow on-screen instructions until complete.


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