No-Bend Pins™ OMNI USB 3.0 + MicroUSB 1" Cabled CF Reader

Bold Design and Perfect Function. You'll Never Bend your Pins Again. Guaranteed.

Share Media Between Devices

Switch from USB 3 to Micros' with just a click! Transfer photos, videos, and files, Instantly between Smartphones / Laptops / Tablets and Desktops with just 1 CF Reader avoiding slow wifi transfers. 

No-Bend Pins™ Design

All of our PXF CF Readers are designed to stop "Bent Pin Syndrome" These adapters don't require careful touch. So focus on your creativity, we guarantee our pins won't bend or break.

1" Cabled Design

The Number One feature request we've had for our Classic CF Reader was the addition of an extension cable. So that's exactly what we did and with care. We built a very short and strong cable directly attached to the reader. The ultra slim USB hood allows you to plug it in virtually anywhere you need it, and still use adjacent i/o ports on your computer. We also made sure that the unit retained its compact size, so that you can still slip it into your pocket or purse without worrying about breaking it or losing the cable.

Light Speed

Our stand alone CF reader breathes fire at up to 5GB/S. Designed to support UDMA-7, Move Video, Images, and Audio at a fraction of the time required for USB 2. Plus, if you still use a USB 2 legacy port, this reader will give you faster performance than you've ever had.

Rubber Coated

The PXF CF reader is small but strong. With our unique rubberized ultra-rugged, slide proof coating, you can throw it in your bag and go.