Memory Square™ USB Type-C | SD + Micro/SD | Modular Card Reader

Invincible Connection™

We Build Triple Plated Gold contact strips to "shake hands" with your valuable memory cards. They contain 3 to 6 times more gold plating than the standard readers in the market place. Our premium 30 Micron Gold plated connectors Guarantee 10,000+ insertions of your memory card media. Most competing products use inferior plastic connectors with 1-5 microns of plating, leaving their readers with a "lifespan" of 100-1,000 insertions.


The Next Big Thing is Tiny

Miniature. Modular. Plug and Play. Reversible USB 3.1 Type-C interface. Our multi SDHC, SDXC, MMC, and Micro SD/TF memory card readers are redefining connectivity and possibility. No adapters, No restrictions, No Brainer.


DualTest Safeguard System (DSS)

Our readers are tested twice, once at the PCB level and again after each unit is completed and fully assembled. DSS assures that you receive a dynamic and fully operational device with every order.

Private Exchange

Fast, smart, and safe. Freedom and personal security are built into the fabric of our fully swappable hardware accessories. Skip the free public WiFi for sensitive transfers and keep your data confidential and secure by using our Invincible Connection™ reader with your team wherever you go.

A Proud U.S.A. Brand

Versatility Re-imagined. PixelFlash is building digital memory and accessories that make your life easier and more productive.
We include a 3-Year Full Replacement Warranty with all of our readers.
Our mission is simple: Innovative design with a focus on quality. We tax our creativity, not your wallets.
All of our products are proudly assembled in the USA.