64GB 1106X SuperSport CF Card

Introducing the PIXELFLASH® SuperSport 1066x, our flagship CF Card. Its bold design and essential purpose is to support the renegade videographers and photographers of our generation. We equip each card with the most cost-effective, premium, non-volatile memory on the market.  Our lightning fast controller chips keep up with intense Run and Gun video sessions, so you can reliably capture every micro-frame of RAW continuous shooting.

Magic Lantern Approved™
We’ve been listening. You prefer to tax the technology not your wallet. PixelFlash® SuperSport spec’d CF is built to reward Magic Lantern innovators across the globe. We surpass value competitors by handling sensor crushing data at up to 150mb/s coupled with the reliable flash specs you demand.

Maximum Capacity
Ultra Capacities allow you to keep up with your DSLR addiction. We specialize in the full range of CF cards to keep your creativity moving forward.

Intent Data Management & Momentum Technology™
SuperSport cards insure retrievable data every time you need to access the card.PXF flash features Intent™ Data Management technology for intelligent audit and repair while shooting. Our Momentum™ wear-leveling enables efficient sector usage during write-times.  Our dynamic write cycles lead to faster buffer recovery, reduced lag time for Hi-Def video throughput, and remarkably minimize turnaround between burst mode for still photography.

Guaranteed for Life

We pride ourselves in real-time hyper speed storage for your critical shoots, and PixelFlash offers the ultimate Guarantee. Lifetime.